Masha Ivashintsova

Every — every — person carries some gift that he came to share, but we are too self-critical to see it in ourselves. We are convinced that we must achieve something that we don’t own, but we lose what we do own. How rich our life would be if we shared with each other our treasures and did not try to master the achievements of others. Here we just want to show what was hidden. Some will be touched, others will pass by. Do not look for what is not there. Everything is before your eyes.

“Maybe our love won’t be like the movies. Maybe there won’t be a grand ending, an airport run, a long embrace where the I love you’s come pouring out as fast as the laughs and tears. Maybe it’ll be as simple as breakfast on a weekday. You’ll be drinking coffee, I’ll be eating cereal; I’ll look at you, you’ll look at me, and we’ll just know.”

So set your restless heart at ease
Take a lesson from these Autumn leaves
They waste no time waiting for the snow
Don’t argue now you’ll be late
There is nothing to investigate

It’s light enough, light enough
To let it go
Light enough to let it go